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Adventure travel specializing in the indigenous people of Irian Jaya

The Korowai People: Journey To The Stone Age

kombai women
kombai bow

A small plane will fly us from the highlands of the Jayawijaya mountain range leaving us in a tiny settlement in the rainforest. This is one of the most remote areas on earth, and we enter as the honored guests of some of the most untouched people on the planet: the Korowai and Kombai people.

The Korowai and Kombai live in houses built high up in the trees---from 30 to as high as 80 feet up! The Korowai and Kombai are among the last hunter-gatherers left on earth, and it is our privilege to be their guests and students as they share with us their traditions and culture.

Excitement mounts as we watch our porters come from their jungle homes to guide us deep into the rainforest. Some porters will seem shy, and look away as we approach. Often these people have never been exposed to westerners. They are as fascinated with us as we are with them. Our adventure intensifies when we set out on our trek to meet our host clan deep in the jungle.

The itinerary on this trip is purposely kept unstructured so that we can take advantage of any special events or occurrences which may happen while we are visiting. Our days in the jungle will be spent together with our hosts learning how they hunt and fish and gather other food sources. We will also have the special opportunity to sit and observe their daily life, which centers around the tree house. The Korowai and Kombai will come to accept us as part of their family and they reinforce within us the commonality of the human race.

This is a once in a lifetime adventure* that will touch and forever change you.

* This is a very rugged trip with basic living conditions in a jungle camp. The trekking can be rigorous due to hot, humid, and muddy conditions. Travelers who are not prepared to adapt to these conditions are not advised to take this trip. You should be in very good mental and physical condition (a doctor's note is required). However a positive attitude, flexibility and a willingness to venture out of your own 'comfort zone' are perhaps the most important tools to bring with you.

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