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Adventure travel specializing in the indigenous people of Irian Jaya

The Dani People: From Ritual To Laughter

dani warrior
dani cook
dani child

"Dani" is a generic term applied to all the tribes of the Baliem Valley who are believed to have inhabited the region for more than 40,000 years.

Upon first meeting a traditional Dani, you will notice that the they reject clothing other than a woven or grass skirt worn by the women and a penis sheath by the men. The Dani are extremely fond of body ornamentation and decorate themselves elaborately with feathers, shells and paint, especially for celebrations and honored guests!

During our time spent among the Dani you will learn about their fierce and warring past and be overwhelmed by their warm and hospitable smiles which often break into uncontrolled laughter. We will listen to their stories and songs while waiting for food to be cooked in open earth ovens filled with sweet potatoes and vegetables (and sometimes an odd pig or chicken!) fresh from their fields.

Even if you have only a few short days to visit Irian Jaya, a trip up to the Baliem Valley is one that will will stay with you forever. We know that each memory from a trip to the Baliem Valley will leave a smile on your face.


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