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Carstenz Pyramid: The Last Summit

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Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak on the Australasian continental plate, and therefore regarded as one of the seven highest summits on the seven continents. Carstensz is the most exotic summit of the magnificent seven by virtue of its remote and relatively untouched location. Your expedition will take you through villages whose people still live with traditions dating back thousands of years. You will journey through tropical forest, rich in exotic flora and fauna on the way to the great rock peak.

Starting in the mountain village of Ilaga, our trek begins by taking us through the lush tropical rainforest as well as through the fertile farm fields of the local people. As we approach the sub-alpine highlands, our trails become much steeper and a bit more slippery. The open fields of sub-alpine flora and odd shaped rocks offer superb views and photo opportunities.

If you have several years of mountaineering experience, and are familiar with rope work and belays as well as basic climbing techniques, you are ready for the Carstensz experience. You must be in superb physical condition, and a doctor's signed authorization will be required.

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