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Adventure travel specializing in the indigenous people of Irian Jaya

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Airfare is not included in the cost of our trips. International airfare is currently about $1,800 from either San Francisco or Los Angeles to Jayapura, Irian Jaya (via Jakarta).

Internal air within Irian Jaya, including charter flights, is about $850 (prices will vary depending upon the size of your group, and your destinations). We are happy to review with you the latest internal airfares when you call or email us.

INSURANCE: We highly recommend that all of our clients purchase travel insurance. Please be sure that the insurance purchased includes medical, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation/interruption, and lost luggage insurance.

Passport, visas, excess baggage fees, laundry while in hotels, medical and evacuation expenses (see INSURANCE) and any other items of a personal nature not specifically noted in the itinerary are not covered.

We do not include alcoholic beverages or soft drinks in the price of your trip. During our treks (once in camp), we offer boiled water for coffee, tea and Tang which are supplied. However, when we are in hotels the group leader does not pay for any bottled beverages.

Please be aware that Irian Jaya is a very remote area with far less tourist infrastructure than most other areas of the world (that's why you want to go there, right?!). CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED IN IRIAN JAYA. However, if an emergency arises, you can get cash from a credit card at one of the banks in Jayapura for about a $50 transaction fee.

It is highly recommended that you change money from U.S. Dollars to Rupiah upon arrival at the airport in Jakarta. The exchange rate is about 20% better in Jakarta than it is in Irian Jaya.

Travels in Irian Jaya are true adventures. Sometimes things do not go as planned or according to schedules that we may have set. More often than not these changes in plans and schedules lead to a richer travel experience.

However, should there be extenuating circumstances, all expenses resulting from delays beyond our control (bad weather, trail, river, sea, and/or road conditions; sickness; government action; and flight delays) may incur additional cost to you. We take every precaution to avoid this, and should it occur, we always negotiate the lowest prices possible while maintaining our strict safety standards. Any expenses incurred as a result of such delays will be collected at that time. Sufficient funds should be carried for this possibility.







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