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Adventure travel specializing in the indigenous people of Irian Jaya

Introduction to Irian Jaya (Papua Barat)

Irian Jaya also known as Papua Barat or West Papua, is the western half of the island of Papua New Guinea (you know, that big island to the north of Australia), and is Indonesia's eastern-most territory.

Irian Jaya is an enchanting hold- out for some of the earth's last pristine jungles, mountain ranges and indigenous peoples. The world's last isolated cultures still live in the remote jungles of Irian Jaya. How long will their cultures last? How long have they existed? These are some of the questions that will stay with you after you spend time and talk and laugh with, some of the most remote peoples on earth.

Visiting Irian Jaya is an experience that will touch you like no other adventure. Irian Jaya is a land where spirits seem to come alive in the trees, air and earth. Come journey back in time and spirit to the true land of Hidden Cultures.


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