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Adventure travel specializing in the indigenous people of Irian Jaya

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jill paley

Jill Paley is a long time world traveler and adventurer. Her love of the untouched and lesser known cultures of Irian Jaya motivated her to begin Hidden Cultures. She has spent many years, months at a time, exploring the remote parts of Irian Jaya coming to know and understand some of the indigenous people who live there. Jill's dream is to help preserve these traditional cultures by offering an effective form of eco-tourism, which benefits the indigenous people by incenting them to keep their traditions and rituals alive.


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kornelius kembaren

Kornelius Kembaren is from the island of Sumatra, and is from Karo Batak tribe. He has lived in Irian Jaya since 1989 and has been a jungle guide since 1990. One of the most respected and experienced guides in Irian Jaya, Kornelius has areas of expertise in the following ethnic groups; Asmat, Dani, Yali, Lani, Korowai, and Kombai. He spends roughly 6 months per year living in the jungle with the indigenous peoples of Irian Jaya. The Korowai and Kombai people treat him as a son and he is as home with them as he is in the capital city of Jayapura!



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Nicky Mahue is a native of Irian Jaya's Lake Sentani. Nicky began guiding in Irian Jaya partly because he loves to speak English and partly because he is a born explorer. Nicky has a vast knowledge of even the most remote areas and cultures in Irian, and looks forward to introducing you to his native friends! His playful, outgoing and positive attitude make Nicky a favorite guide among our guests.

If you ever want to hear great adventure stories, you need only to buy Nicky a beer or two......


bebas pic

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Bebas Sembiring is also from the island of Sumatra and made the journey to Irian Jaya in search of new and interesting adventures. Bebas' extensive experience in the travel business, both from a guiding and the operational perspectives , make him one of the top guides in Irian Jaya. His love for the indigenous people, their traditions and cultures, make any trip with Bebas special.